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Wilkerson won’t play Sunday?

The New York Jets made a huge mistake in giving Muhammad Wilkerson a new contract a couple of years ago. Yes, at one point he was one of the best 3-4 defensive ends in all of football (maybe even second behind J.J. Watt at one point), but his boorish behavior should have been an indication that this guy wasn’t someone you wanted to dump a ton of money into.

We made sure to mention last week that Muhammad is a real Turd Ferguson.

Last week, Wilkerson didn’t play and was a healthy scratch because he was late to a team meeting (again). This week, Jets head coach Todd Bowles wouldn’t say if Wilkerson would play. It’s not like the Jets are playing for anything, so it probably behooves them to not dress him and give an opportunity to someone else. Anyone else.

Considering Wilkerson’s huge salary and terrible behavior, there really isn’t a chance in hell that the Jets keep him next year. However, his salary would be guaranteed if he were to go out and get hurt. If you know you are going to cut the guy the minute that you’re legally allowed to you, you might as well continue to sit him and protect yourself.

In a sort of related note, there is already talk that the Jets would be willing to bring back Sheldon Richardson. Maybe they realize they traded the wrong turd.

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