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Are the Royals the Padres competition for Hosmer?

The rumor is that the San Diego Padres are pretty hot for the services of free agent Eric Hosmer. Sure, the Padres would love to sign him to a huge free-agent deal only to trade him within a year because they still blow and they realize that they need way more help than just a good first baseman.

But, there is competition lurking for Hosmer’s services. Could it be his former team the Kansas City Royals?

Jerry Krasnick thinks so.

“The #Royals have focused more on Eric Hosmer than their other big free agents, Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas, sources say. They’re looking like the #Padres main competition for Hosmer. But can they wait so long that Duda, LoMo and the other Plan B’s drop off the board?,” Krasnick tweets.

I would argue that neither the Padres nor the Royals should be interested in Hosmer. The Royals probably need an entire rebuild and should probably let Hosmer walk along with Moustakas and Cain.

The Padres? They always blow. Remember when they signed and traded for just about everyone available about two years? Those guys got sold off almost faster than they were acquired. The Padres seem to be the Cleveland Browns of MLB. They should probably focus on the draft and not signing big name free agents.

The 28-year old Hosmer had an excellent season last year and earned a Gold Glove. I’m not sure he’ll make the Padres an above-.500 team. Actually, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

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