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McCoy tore his biceps again?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been a colossal disappointment this season. They were supposed to take the next step and – at the very least – make the playoffs.

That ain’t happening. Even if they were somewhat decent (which they aren’t), the NFC South is crowded with three other legitimately good teams.

It didn’t help that the Bucs lost – again – today to the Detroit Lions. I’ll give them some credit that it was a very close game. Hooray?

But, they lost something else besides a game today. They may have lost superstar defensive tackle Gerald McCoy for what would likely be the season.

According to McCoy, he thinks he tore a biceps muscle. He would know, he’s already torn a biceps muscle in each arm twice during his NFL career. It’s a rough injury and it would certainly shelve him for the season.

Might as well. They are stinking with him, they can stink without him.

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