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Fultz is ‘progressing well’

Ah, the mystery that is Philadelphia 76ers point guard and first-overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft, Markelle Fultz. For a team that had no trouble shutting down previous top picks for entire seasons (or more), it was certainly odd that they allowed Fultz to go out there and play a few games with shoulder pain so bad that it changed his shooting motion.

But, they finally did the right thing and shelved him so he could get better. What a crazy concept!

So, how is he doing? General Manager Brian Colangelo answered questions about Fultz on Thursday night.

“Surface level, I would say that he’s progressing well,” Colangelo said. “He continues to focus on the PT and strength and conditioning aspect of the return. The good news is the soreness is completely gone and the muscle imbalance is gone.”

Sooooo…when is he coming back?

“There still is no timeline on his return. But we anticipate that the end is near and he is doing really well.”

It’s fun to imagine what a healthy Fultz would look like in this lineup. Yes, he’s a point guard, but he’s an excellent shooter and, let’s be honest, there aren’t any real positions in the NBA anymore. Having Fultz and Ben Simmons out there could be dynamic to quite dynamic.

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