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Shocker! Giants clean house

Absolutely nothing about this news should be shocking to anyone who has watched even five minutes of New York Giants football this season. From start to finish, they have been an unmitigated disaster.

Last year, they finished 11-5 with a playoff spot. This year? They’ve won two games and that record actually makes them seem better than they really are.

So, changes had to be made. First things first, the Giants have fired head coach Ben McAdoo. It had to happen. He’s been a disaster and there has been plenty of evidence that he’d lost the team. Steve Spagnuolo will take over interim duties for the rest of the season. Unless he gets fired too because they are so awful!

But, the hatchet didn’t stop there. According to Aditi Kinkhabwala, the Giants told general manager Jerry Reese to pound sand too.

“Jerry Reese has been relieved of his duties as well, I was just told by someone w/ knowledge of #Giants moves,” she tweets.

Now the Giants will just play out the remaining quarter of the season and hope to lose. They could really use a high draft pick. Several of them actually.

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