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Eagles lock up Alshon

The Philadelphia Eagles made is a point this offseason to give quarterback Carson Wentz more weapons. Last season was a disaster for the receivers. They couldn’t catch jack.

The main addition was wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. They signed him to a modest one-year contract as both sides wanted to see how things went.

Well, after a slow start, Alshon is starting to look like the monster he was supposed to be. He’s not racking up big yards, but he doesn’t have to. He comes through when they need him to. They don’t run the offense through one guy, so no one player is going to drop 1,500 yards in a season.

Regardless, the Eagles like what they’ve seen. So much so, that Adam Schefter reports that they’ve signed him to a four-year contract extension.

“Eagles signed WR Alshon Jeffery to a four-year, $52 million deal, per source, that also includes another $1…,” Schefter tweets. Yeah, click the link or Google it and you’ll get the details.

It’s only a little more than a $6 million signing bonus and a reported $27 million guaranteed. However, it’s rarely “guaranteed.” Sometimes it will say it’s guaranteed if you’re on the roster. Well…duh!

This is a great deal for both sides. He’s under contract now until 2021 along with Zach Ertz. Agholor is around at least another year (and maybe more if he keeps playing well in the slot) and Mack Hollins is a promising big-play rookie.

The Eagles roster is looking incredibly good right now and it’s deep. Howie Roseman gets a ton of credit. The challenge will be when it’s time to sign Wentz. Those deals get bigger by the day and he’ll get well north of $125 million I’m sure. That’s when the cap gets a hole blown through it.

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