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Jets sticking with McCown

The New York Jets aren’t officially eliminated from playoff contention after their loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, but they are getting close. We all know they won’t make the playoffs. Not happening.

Head coach Todd Bowles knows it, but he’s not quite ready to wave the white flag.

According to SNY, Bowles said that he’s sticking with Josh McCown at quarterback. He made it clear that McCown “is our quarterback.”

Many would think it’s about time to find out what you have in Bryce Petty and/or Christian Hackenberg, a former second-round pick. Maybe the fact of the matter is that they already know what they have in those two and they’d rather the fans and the rest of the world not find out.

SNY says that the Jets have “no plans currently” to make a change at quarterback. I admit I really don’t get that, but whatever.

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