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Tyrod will start next week…duh

I can’t believe this is still an issue, but maybe Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott thinks that by naming his starting quarterback week to week, it will keep everyone motivated.

McDermott said on Monday that Tyrod Taylor will start again next week.

“Tyrod is our quarterback next week,” the coach said. “What’s important now is what just happened this week and where we’re going next week and that’s what we’re focused on.”

Okay, so by going into hostile Kansas City and beating the Chiefs (no matter how poorly they are playing right now), he gets to play again next week? Are you serious? It should be obvious that he’s the starter for the rest of the season. He may not be Joe Montana, but did you get a whiff of your other options, Sean?

Did you see Nate Peterman go out and throw five interceptions? He had a higher passer rating to the other team than he did to his own. I’m hoping this is a motivational ploy by McDermott, because everyone and their mother knows Tyrod should be the guy.

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