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Denver done with Demaryius?

Local Denver radio host Benjamin Allbright has some somewhat shocking info regarding the Denver Broncos. When you look at the Broncos offense, you wouldn’t pinpoint Demaryius Thomas a pain source.

But, according to Allbright, the Broncos tried to move Thomas at the deadline and may continue to try to do so in the offseason.

“Source: #Broncos quietly shopped Demaryius Thomas at trade deadline, and are potentially looking to move on from him this off season. Team feels he lost strength when he switched to vegan diet, hasn’t been same player,” Allbright tweets.

Well, his numbers are certainly down from those that he was putting up with Peyton Manning, but that could be part of the problem. Sure, maybe he’s not the same receiver he’s been in the past. But, he also has Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler throwing to him. What receiver wouldn’t be affected by that?

It’s not like anyone else is producing in that offense. If they do move him, it will be interesting to see what they get for him in trade.

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