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Darby being investigated too?

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby should be feeling great after he did a great job in a blowout win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. He picked off a pass and defended another in the end zone as the Eagles rolled through Dallas with a 37-9 win.

Something he shouldn’t feel great about is the possibility that’s also being investigated in the Jameis Winston Uber groping incident. Darby said he was with Winston in the car that night, so naturally people are wondering if he’s under the microscope too.

“I’m not going to comment on that,” NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said. “We received some information, an allegation, that generated from uber and a ride a couple of years ago. I’d say that this case does not rise to the level of the commissioner’s exempt list and that’s why the player or players are not on it.”

Why not?

“The commissioner’s exempt list is used in some occasions when a player is formally charged with a crime of violence,” Lockhart said. “This is a case where we have one report that we’re following up on and at this point that’s all we have to say beyond that we don’t think this meets the criteria to be on the commissioner’s exempt list at this point.”

I have a tough time believing Darby did something wrong, otherwise why on God’s Green Earth would you put yourself in the car that night? It would take an aggressively stupid person to do that. Let’s hope that Ronald Darby isn’t aggressively stupid.

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