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Vikings were tempted to start Bridgewater

Yes, it’s a big deal that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has returned to health. When he went down for the year in last year’s training camp, it was said that if it wasn’t for the fast-acting trainers that day, he could have ended up losing his leg. At that point, returning to the playing field really wouldn’t have been in the discussion.

But, Bridgewater was active for the first time last week and could be inserted into the starting lineup. However, Case Keenum threw for 304 yards last week to go along with four touchdown passes. The Vikings are 7-2. Kind of tough to bench Keenum at this point, no? Yes, he’s probably a career backup and not the guy to lead you to the promised land, but how do you bench someone coming off of that performance?

Well, the Vikings thought about it.

“Vikings were very tempted to turn to Bridgewater bc they view him as their franchise but are sticking w Keenum again,” Jay Glazer tweets.

I understand they have to stick with Keenum, but it sounds like he’ll be on a short leash against the Los Angeles Rams. On one hand, I get it. Bridgewater is your guy and he’s healthy. But, you’re winning football games with Keenum right now, so I’m not sure why you would rush to meddle with a winning formula at this point.

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