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Marlins asking too much for Stanton

The Miami Marlins are under new ownership and they are looking to cut payroll. For the record, I said back in November 2014 that giving Giancarlo Stanton a 13-year contract for butt tons of money was stupid. I can’t remember the last time a team signed a player to one of those ridiculous deals and the player played for that team for the entire contract and played well and everyone was happy.

Doesn’t happen.

And it’s not happening here either, as the Marlins are looking to unload Stanton. But, finding a team with a combination of prospects and ability to pay the remaining $295 million on the deal won’t be easy. Especially when, as Buster Olney reports, the Marlins are asking for a king’s ransom.

“Some rival execs view the Marlins’ prospect asking price for Giancarlo Stanton as shockingly high and somewhat out of touch with reality, and not discounted nearly enough given the whopping $295 million he’s owed (with the forthcoming out clause after the 2020 season),” Olney tweets.

The Marlins could be just coming in high and working their way down. The 28-year old is certainly one of the best sluggers in baseball, but it will be tough for someone to mortgage their entire farm system and pay him that ridiculous salary. If having him at that salary was so important to a team, why did the Marlins still suck?

Rumors are that the Phillies, Giants, Red Sox and Cardinals are potential suitors.

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