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Duane Brown leaves with ankle injury

Let’s keep it going with the Seattle Seahawks getting injured. C.J. Prosise left with an ankle injury already. Richard Sherman peaced out with an apparent Achilles injury. And now, it’s newly acquired left tackle Duane Brown’s turn.

Brown hurt his ankle and was listed as questionable to return.

He never did.

Matt Tobin finished the game at left tackled, which I promise you is not a good thing. The Seahawks traded for Brown last week in the hopes that he could help solidify a very leaky line. If he’s out, that’s a huge blow to the Seahawks.

And that’s not just because their offensive line would go back to sucking even more, but they are losing guys left and right.

The Seahawks haven’t been their typical dominant selves and losing Brown along with all of these other guys could be huge.

Brown has 11 days to get healthy for Monday night against the Atlanta Falcons next week.

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