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Reese and McAdoo are safe…for now

The New York Giants are absolutely miserable this year after making the playoffs in 2016. They are 1-7 and might not even be as good as their record would indicate.

There is also talk that head coach Ben McAdoo has lost the locker room. It’s not tough to imagine as the guy couldn’t even explain what he told his team at halftime of Sunday’s pasting at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams.

But, according to Dan Graziano, the coach and general manager Jerry Reese aren’t going to be fired during the season.

According to a source, the New York Giants do not plan to make any decisions on changes to the coaching staff or……,” Graziano tweets.

I mean, what good would it do, really? The Giants’ season is toast and they might as well ride this crap wave to the bottom of the ocean and get a good draft pick. Maybe they can get Saquon Barkley.

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