Off the Record (OTR)

Josh Gordon doesn’t have to sell cars anymore

Remember Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon? Doesn’t seem like the Browns do either! After dominating the NFL in 2013 he’s been drug suspended pretty much since.

At one point he was selling cars at a local Cleveland car dealership just to pass the time.

But, he’s been reinstated! Roger Goodell has said that he can return Dec. 3rd! Finally!

I guess if he’s going to let all these domestic abusers play he can let a habitual pot smoker with an occasional codeine desire to play too.

He’s been gone so long, will any Browns teammates even know him?

“He hardly knows anybody in here anymore,” linebacker Chris Kirksey said. “He knows Joe Thomas and Joel Bitonio, but that’s about it.”

But, still the team is excited to have him back so they can hopefully score more points than another team at least once.

“I feel like he…can help our team out a lot,” said Isaiah Crowell. “He can make plays, and I feel like that will help everybody else around him make plays also.”

I’m glad he’s back. Dude liked to smoke weed. Punishment never fit crime.

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