Off the Record (OTR)

Parker should play Sunday night

The Miami Dolphins got absolutely pasted by the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night. The 40-0 blowout told you a lot about the Dolphins as a team. They clearly aren’t good at stopping the other team from scoring and they clearly aren’t good at scoring.

They obviously need a lot of help whether Matt Moore or Jay Cutler is the quarterback. Neither are very good, but they still need help.

And they might be getting some. Armando Selguero is reporting that the Dolphins should be getting DeVante Parker back against the Raiders.

“The Miami Dolphins expect wide receiver DeVante Parker to play in Sunday night’s prime time game against the Oakland Raiders, barring a setback in practices this week, according to sources,” Selguero writes.

He’s not Randy Moss in his prime, but he is an athletic playmaker who is someone else defenses have to worry about. Parker has missed the last three games with an ankle injury.

Expect the Dolphins to still be mediocre at best.

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