Off the Record (OTR)

Fultz to sit 3 games

What’s wrong with Markelle Fultz’s shoulder? That’s what Philadelphia 76ers fans want to know.

The No. 1-overall pick this year clearly has a shoulder problem and I don’t care what the Sixers say, the kid changed his shot because of it. Good shooting point guards don’t change their jumper for the fun of it the summer before their first NBA season.

Well, the Sixers finally showed half a brain and said they’re sitting him for the next three games starting Wednesday night against the Houston Rockets.

It’s just so odd that the team who sat Nerlens Noel for a year, Joel Embiid for two years and Ben Simmons for a year would rush this year’s top pick to play through an injury this early in the season.

And my question is: Who says he’ll be healed in three games?

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