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Steelers aren’t trading Bryant

I would think at some point, the Pittsburgh Steelers will just want to rid themselves of disgruntled wide receiver Martavis Bryant. He’s done a bunch of stuff in addition to all the drug suspensions to warrant getting the boot recently.

Bryant is very talented, but right now he just doesn’t have a role in the offense. He had two touches in Sunday’s win over the Cicninnati Bengals and has been a non factor all year.

And apparently he doesn’t like it. He went on social media a couple times and was trashing fellow teammate Juju Smith-Schuster as well as the team. That’s never a good idea. And then on Monday he missed mandatory team meetings, supposedly to see a doctor. I call BS.

He teammates don’t sound like they are buying that excuse either.

“No, he’s not here,” guard Ramon Foster said of Bryant. “I don’t know what happened. I think he called in sick today. I don’t know. I just wish he were here to answer his own questions. You can’t throw that stuff out there on social media land and expect no forest fires behind it.”

Still, after all of this awful behavior, a source tells Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the team has no plans to trade him or discipline him.

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