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Browns are god awful

It’s an odd time in the NFL season right now. We’re starting to figure out who is good, who is bad, who might be better than we thought, who might be worse than we thought. And in this year’s NFL, finding out who is good and who is not, is incredibly difficult task. It seems like everyone is 4-2, 3-3 or 2-4. Middle of the road puke.

However, it’s not difficult when assessing the Cleveland Browns. Holy good god are they terrible. I mean truly awful. The fact that they made it to overtime against the Tennessee Titans should be counted as a victory. NFL betting odds for the Browns should be “zero” or create a new category called “no shot.”

And it’s not difficult to figure out why they are so crappy from year to year. You can blame all the head coaches that have walked through the revolving door and if you want to blame Hue Jackson right now, I’m sure he’s got plenty of blame. But, this team has not had a functional quarterback since 1993 when Bill Belichick cut Bernie Kosar.

And they haven’t even been close to getting one. Remember the big 2007 Derek Anderson had with Braylon Edwards? That lasted one year. Kelly Holcomb put a few good games together in 2002, but absolutely nothing other than that.

The Browns are just stupid. They spend late first-round picks on questionable quarterback talent like Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel and never have anything to show for it. They have one on the roster now named DeShone Kizer and it looks like he stinks. Yes, he’s only a rookie, but he’s been absolutely horrific.

These late first round picks and seconds and thirds are just not getting it done. Now, they don’t know who their quarterback will be this week and they have garbage to pick from. Is it really their fault? Did they not get a chance to grab a star quarterback? They traded the second pick in the NFL Draft last year to the Philadelphia Eagles. Who did they take? Watch Monday Night Football tonight and you’ll see. They had a chance to draft DeShaun Watson….whoops! Cleveland strikes again!

I’m not sure who they are playing this week, but I’ll pick whoever they are playing to win.

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