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Big setback for Luck

The success of the Indianapolis Colts rests with the health of Andrew Luck. If he’s healthy, they are a contender in the AFC. If he’s not, they are probably drafting towards the top of the NFL Draft. This is probably true for most teams, but it’s definitely the case with the Colts.

And so far this year, Luck has not played a single snap as he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery on his throwing arm. Remember that time when they were talking about him being ready for Week 1?

But, the good news was that Luck had been practicing the last two weeks and was eyeing a return. Then, we get this news.

“Colts GM Chris Ballard: Andrew Luck has had soreness in his shoulder. Won’t practice this week. This is what we call a setback,” tweets Zak Keefer.

This is not good. They have been bringing him along very slowly and have been very cautious about breaking him. This is a big setback for the Colts and at some point they’ll have to assess the season. Right now, the Colts are 2-4, but just a half game back in a very, very tight division. Everyone else is 3-3.

But, what happens if they fall three or four games back and the season is looking lost. Do they still bring him back or do they shut him down for the year and take their high draft pick?

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