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NFC landscape changed this weekend

A lot happened in the NFL this past weekend, particularly in the NFC. Heading into the week, you could look and say that the top teams were – in some order – the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, and probably still the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, quite a bit has changed and it will certainly affect the NFL betting odds for Week 7 games for sure.

First and foremost, the Packers probably lost Aaron Rodgers for the season to a broken collarbone. One can not understate this. I like Brett Hundley from the little I’ve seen of him, but he’s not Aaron Rodgers.

Will they bring in Colin Kaepernick? Ha! Oh god no. No one is doing that. They are, however, promoting good ol’ Joe Callahan from the practice squad.

“Packers are promoting QB Joe Callahan from the practice squad, as expected,” tweets Mike Garafolo. They’re all set now!

Also this week, we saw the mighty Atlanta Falcons who are supposed to be so good, lose to the Miami Dolphins at home after blowing a 17-point lead. I’m not sure who is responsible for that, but really good teams don’t blow huge leads to inferior teams at home. Get it straightened out, Atlanta.

And how about those Carolina Panthers? They hosted the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday and the Eagles won 28-25, in a game where the penalties were so lopsided, it was historic. Never before had one team been penalized for more than 120 yards, while the other team had less than 10 yards in penalties. That’s a full-on lopsided ref job, and the Panthers still lost. At home.

So, as of right now, the Philadelphia Eagles are probably the top team in the conference. If the playoffs started today, the road to the Super Bowl would go through Philly. Are they perfect? Good god, no! They need to find a running back who can pick up the blitz or Carson Wentz will be dead by Thanksgiving.

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