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Cowboys hold team meeting about anthem

Remember when NFL owners publicly supported their players right to protest and kneel for the national anthem?

Yeah, that seems like a long time ago. Especially since our stupid-ass president and his dufus Vice President started ripping the players for disrespecting the military and our country, even though the protests are about police brutality.

Specifically, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come out and said that any of his players caught disrespecting the flag or our country would be benched.

Well, it doesn’t sound like the Cowboy players are in love with his declaration. They are actually holding players only meetings to discuss the colossal bullshit.

“#Cowboys player to me on J. Jones mandate to stand: “I’ve never heard this tone from Jerry, ever. Goes against everything he told us in Arz,” tweets Josina Anderson.

She goes on.

“#Cowboys player cont: “Jerry told us to trust in him on this sit’n. Now I don’t know what 2 believe.That whole kneel b4 t/ anthem was trash,” Anderson tweets.

This isn’t good. It could get ugly and I hope it does to be honest. I hope every single Cowboy takes a knee next week.

Then what, Jerry?

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