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When will Luck return?

Indianapolis Colts fans have to be frustrated. The Colts have been pretty coy about the health and status of quarterback Andrew Luck this entire offseason. He had shoulder surgery and the hope would be that he’d be back for the opening week, but clearly that didn’t happened.

Four games have gone by, they are 1-3 and there are still no signs of Luck returning. When Luck is healthy, the Colts could be the best team in the AFC South (although the Texans would have something to say about that with the emergence of DeShaun Watson). Without him? Well, I think you’d better look at updated NFL betting odds at that point.

Even he doesn’t know when he’ll be back!

And neither does beat writer Stephen Holder.

“Just based on what I see and hear, I think we’re talking a three-week timeline at best for Luck. Don’t see him playing on MNF vs Titans,” Holder tweets.

At this point, Luck could be out half the season. They don’t even get their bye week until Week 11. I’m not sure Jacoby Brissett and the rest of the crew can tread water long enough to wait for him to get back. They will probably be out of it by the time Luck returns. And with the Texans looking damn strong, the Colts won’t have any chance of winning the division unless Watson gets hurt.

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