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Smallwood hurt…again

The Philadelphia Eagles like last year’s fifth-round pick Wendell Smallwood. They loved that he fell to the fifth round because of, oh I don’t know, misleading police in some criminal investigation. Many thought he was a second-round talent.

And so far in his short career, he’s proven that he can play. He can run between the tackles and he’s got some good burst to him. He had a good game last week against the Los Angeles Chargers and seems poised for a bigger role.

Except there is this one thing. He gets hurt all the time. He didn’t practice on Wednesday due to a knee issue and no one is really sure when it occurred. It’s always some soft-tissue thing with him.

The Eagles running back situation is one to avoid anyway. They either run it a ton like last week and divide up the work, or you see a game like the one in Kansas City where they get away from it completely. If you have Smallwood, maybe roll the dice with LeGarrette Blount, Corey Clement or Kenjon Barner.

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