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Giroux switching positions?

The Philadelphia Flyers are making Claude Giroux a goalie. Okay, not really, but in this year’s training camp they are indeed tinkering with his position.

According to Giroux, the Fly Guys have had him over at left wing a little bit.

“We did a lot of drills where I was coming down the left side there,” Giroux said. “I can see the ice pretty good from there because you have the puck on your good side. It was actually a lot of fun. It’s not like I’m against it or I’m not happy with it if it makes the team better. I know we have a lot of centermen. I’m up for the idea for sure.”

It could pay off bigly if it works out. That would put Sean Couturier as the top-line center with Jakub Voracek manning the right side. Now, if Couts can’t increase his offensive production with these two on either side, then it’s just going to happen.

Moving Giroux to left wing could also potentially create some room for second-overall pick Nolan Patrick to be up with the team right away. We’ll see if any of this works out. It could be a colossal bust and then back to the drawing board.

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