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Dak will be fine for Week 3

The Dallas Cowboys got publicly humiliated on Sunday by the Denver Broncos. It was a bad game for them that just got uglier and uglier.

A huge deal wasn’t made of it, but quarterback Dak Prescott got hurt during the game. When I heard he had an ankle problem, it didn’t take me long to figure out when it most likely happened. He ran to the right for about seven or eight yards and was twisted like a pretzel. Not sure how the damn thing didn’t break.

But, he should be find and Jerry Jones said that he’ll be fine for the Cowboys’ Monday Night matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

“Jerry Jones asked on @1053thefan about Dak Prescott’s ankle injury: “He’s going to be ready to go…He is going to be able to play Monday,” tweets Jon Machota of

With Prescott, the Cowboys should be fine. The Cardinals are looking like a lot of things right now, but a good football team isn’t one of them.

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