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Eagles expect Norman to shadow Jeffery

The Philadelphia Eagles are traveling to the D.C. area this weekend to meet with the Washington Redskins for a Week 1 showdown. I can’t remember the last time the Eagles beat the Redskins and their early schedule is brutal, so they best not lose.

One intriguing matchup will be newly acquired wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and cornerback Josh Norman. Many teams play different sides of the field with their corners and offenses then line their receivers up in different places to get favorable matchups.

However, in this case, head coach Doug Pederson thinks that Norman will shadow Jeffery all over the field.

“Pederson says they are expecting Josh Norman to travel with Alshon Jeffery,” tweets Tim McManus.

It would make sense. Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky was the head of the defense in Indianapolis for a couple of years and used to have Vontae Davis follow the other team’s best receiver. I’d expect him to do the same here.

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