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Seahawks cut Boykin

The Seattle Seahawks have been making a ton of moves lately. They’ve restructured Doug Baldwin’s deal, traded Tramaine Brock to the Minnesota vikings, traded Jemraine Kearse to the New York Jets for Sheldon Richardson…it’s been crazy. It seems they have been looking to trade a bunch of players.

But, we do know that they’ve been looking to do something with the quarterback position behind Russell Wilson. They’ve kicked the tires on Colin Kaepernick and surely weren’t thrilled with Trevone Boykin.

Not only is Boykin not a great player, but he’s had more than his share of run-ins with the law. He was charged with a felony in a bar fight at TCU, been arrested for public intoxication…all not good things when you’re a fringe player.

So, maybe it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the Seahawks decided to waive him during Saturday’s cut downs to the 53-man roster.

The Hawks instead elected to go with Austin Davis, a guy whom I don’t think anyone in the organization is doing back flips over. The hope is probably that Wilson plays all the time, so let’s just hope he doesn’t get hurt and then who cares.

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