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Shocker: Browns release Osweiler

The Cleveland Browns made a good show of it. They really made it look like they were trying to make Brock Osweiler their starting quarterback.

But, we all knew better, didn’t we? The Browns never had any intention of playing Osweiler when they got him and a second-round pick in exchange for NOTHING a couple of months ago.

Photo Caption: “This motherfucker…”

I mentioned not too long ago that they were trying to trade him, but who would want him? No one, that’s who.

They made a good show of it, but Zac Jackson (some dude who covers the Browns) says it’s all come to an end.

“The Browns have released Brock Osweiler,” Jackson tweets.

So, the Browns will pay Osweiler $16 million to stay at home this year. I have to imagine

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