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Elliott getting banned for 6 games?

We’ve been hearing that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott could be facing punishment from the league office for his role in a domestic violence case last year. I’m still not entirely clear on that as no charges were ever filed and he was never arrested. Sure, there is the Big Ben suspension from years ago, but there were numerous incidents in that case.

There were even reports last year that the girl vowed to ruin Elliott if he ever broke up with her and that he indeed broke up with her. There were also multiple witnesses that said he did nothing wrong.

Maybe today’s reports about his looming suspension have taken into consideration his incident of lifting a woman’s shirt in public and his possible connection to punching a dude in a bar. But, regardless, it sounds like Elliott could be looking at a six-game ban.

“If what I’m hearing is correct, multiple sources telling me the number is closer to that benchmark. Cowboys nation should brace for this,” tweets Jane Slater of NFL Network in reference to the six games.

Elliott still could (will) appeal the suspension and this thing could get dragged out quite a bit. So, even if the NFL announces today that he’s suspended for six games, that doesn’t mean that he’ll miss the first six games of this season. In fact, that’s quite doubtful.

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