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Dolphins close to Cutler deal?

I mentioned the other day that the injury to Ryan Tannehill didn’t look good at all and there was a very real chance that he could miss the entire 2017 season. It’s odd that the Miami Dolphins haven’t announced anything or that his injury hasn’t been full diagnosed yet.

Tannehill has a knee injury and they are wondering whether or not he needs surgery. From what it sounds like, he’s hurt bad and will miss the season.

Why else would the Dolphins be trying to bring Jay Cutler out of retirement? Darren Heitner, who appears to be a sports agent and attorney, and not a legitimate media source, says the two sides are close to making it happen.

“Source: Dolphins & Jay Cutler are close on deal. Small gap in $. Main thing holding Cutler back right now is family approval,” Heitner tweets.

Maybe his family can only handle so much embarrassment for a given lifetime?

The move actually makes sense for the Dolphins if they want to try to salvage their season. Then again, Jay Cutler isn’t on a team for a reason (many of them actually) and if he’s what your going to hang your season on, you might as just give Matt Moore the ball and save the money.

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