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Kevin White is Sarah Huckabee Sanders

How many times have we seen our dopey President say ridiculous things that aren’t true, only to leave his dopey White House Press Secretary standing there in front of reporters with no answers to the lies? It’s a colossal mess and there seemed to be a little microcosm of this at Chicago Bears training camp.

Former first-round pick Kevin White had his best practice so far this year, but his demeanor turned tense and odd when asked about a statement from receivers coach Zach Azzanni. Azzanni had told reporters that he and White sat down and watched his college film to remind him how dominant he could be.

“This morning me and him watched his West Virginia highlight film again,” Azzanni said with incorrect grammar, it’s “he and I.” “He forgets about that sometime because of the battle he’s had the last two years. He’s had a really good three days. I’m pleased with him. First day was great, second day was OK, today he comes back out and he’s buying in. It’s still a process, but he’s buying in. You see flashes of what we want him to be, of what he wants to be. We’ve just got to block out the noise for him. I can’t let him read papers and media. I just can’t let him because there’s going to be some negative in there that gets into his head and he can’t let that happen. He’s got to be positive, and we’ve got to go in our bunker in there and I’ve got to tell him how great he is all the time because he is.”

White didn’t appreciate that comment and said it wasn’t true.

“As far as the college film, that was amongst players: me, Kendall Wright and Victor Cruz,” White said. “It was actually Kendall’s idea to watch each other’s college film since we had a little time off. Watched mine, then watched Kendall’s, then watched Victor Cruz, when he was with the Giants. As far as that goes, that’s all I know.

“Like I said. It was me, Kendall Wright, Victor Cruz. Watched mine, watched Kendall’s, then watched Victor Cruz with the Giants.”

White got irritated at the notion that he needed to be reminded of how good he was in college.

“No, [I don’t need that reminder], I see it every day on film,” White said.

“We just wanted to watch each other’s college film, just reminiscing. “Nothing [to it].”

It will be interesting to see what Azzanni says when asked about White’s comments, because you know he will be. I’m sure some beat reporter in Chicago would love to play the role of Glenn Thrush of Jim Acosta.

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