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Giants saying Shepard has rolled ankle

The New York Giants got quite a scare at training camp practice when Sterling Shepard collapsed in a heap. According to Jordan Raanan, he needed to be carted off of the field.

“Sterling Shepard was looked at on sideline. He’s in serious pain. Taken off on cart. Apparently in tears. Not good.” Raanan tweets.

That has torn ACL or ruptured Achilles tendon written all over it. But, the news might be decent for the G-Men. According to the Giants, it’s a “rolled ankle” and what they are calling a “basketball-type” injury.

Given how bad it looked, that could also mean a high-ankle sprain. High-ankle sprains can be awful and linger for a while. The Giants are surely hoping some quick rest will get him back on the field and hope he’s ready for Week 1.

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