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Matthews getting back to form

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews is still recovering from knee tendinitis, and some have speculated that there is more wrong with that knee than just that. But, with two new free agent additions, Nelson Agholor playing in the slot and two drafted wide receivers, sitting on the sidelines wasn’t going to help him at all.

So, Matthews has been out there, but he’s definitely not 100% yet.

“If I’m out there, they’re going to treat me like I’m 100 percent, so that’s how I’m going to play,” Matthews said. “I’m definitely getting better every single day. It’s a process. But every single day I go out there, I feel a little bit more like myself.”

He better. The team signed Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith to start (both are also hurt). And Agholor so far has looked much more like the guy that they spent the first-round pick on than the guy that had to be benched last year for a mental break. That slot is Matthews’ best position, so if he loses that he could slide down the depth chart.

It’s funny how competition can heal a knee.

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