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Kendricks wants to get cut

I’m not sure exactly what happened to Mychal Kendricks in Philadelphia. The Eagles drafted him in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft and he initially showed some promise with his speed and aggressiveness.

Then something happened and he fell out of favor. Like, really fast.

It’s been so bad that there has been talk of trading him now for several years now. It seems like the Eagles want nothing to do with him anymore, but maybe that’s not true. Maybe the Eagles just haven’t gotten what they feel is fair market value.

Jeff McLane reports that Kendricks asked the team to dump him a long time ago, but it hasn’t happened.

“Mychal Kendricks said he asked the #Eagles to release or trade him in Jan,” McLane tweets.

So, they might want to move him, but not that bad. It’s not like he’s some sort of team cancer that has to be removed. But, he clearly doesn’t have much of a role on this team as a third inside linebacker and he knows it. The Eagles are kind of letting him rot and obviously he’d like to move on.

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