Off the Record (OTR)

Nick Williams is good at baseball?

The Philadelphia Phillies have a ton of young “prospects,” even if they aren’t sure how many can actually play.

Guys like Aaron Nola have looked pretty good lately, Aaron Altherr has been pretty good hitting .288 with 14 bombs this season. I’m not so sure what Mikael Franco and Odubel Herrera will be if they don’t remove their heads from their backsides.

But, recently called-up outfielder Nick Williams is looking good so far. He’s been a reason to actually watch games. On Sunday, he crushed a two-run homer to lift the Phils to a 6-3 win. The 23-year old had three RBI’s on the day.

Williams is hitting .309 with 15 RBI’s in 19 games this year. He is one of very, very few bright spots on what is quite possibly baseball’s worst team.

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