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Did Ezekiel punch a dude at a bar?

I wasn’t at Clutch Bar in Dallas on Sunday night, but it seems that something went down. TMZ is reporting that someone got knocked the hell out and the puncher could have been Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

This dude needs to stop. It’s always something with him. People who never engage in wrongdoing rarely have these “incidents” follow them around.

Apparently, Elliott had a party there or something and someone got into a verbal altercation with one of his friends. That’s when Zeke stepped in and knocked the guy out, according to two witnesses.

TMZ reached out Elliott’s camp for comment and they only said that he wasn’t arrested or charged with a crime. That doesn’t mean he didn’t cold cock the dude! The victim was taken to the hospital. I guess that’s what happens when you get hit by a professional athlete.

TMZ also reached out to the NFL, who said they wouldn’t comment until they “understand the facts.”

Elliott reportedly (it’s on video I believe) pulled out a young female’s breast at a party last year. Seems like he likes to do dumb stuff. He was also accused of beating his girlfriend before the NFL Draft.

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