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Fultz out 1-2 weeks

I think every single Philadelphia 76ers fan on the planet threw out a few expletives as they either saw or heard about the injury to first-overall pick Markelle Fultz. Fultz collapsed in a heap after stepping on someone’s foot in Saturday night’s NBA Summer League game.

He couldn’t put any pressure on his ankle as he got helped off by two teammates.

Not a-f#&@ing-gain!!

But, alas, don’t worry. The Sixers put out a tweet saying that he’s been diagnosed with a left ankle sprain and will miss 1-2 weeks. Whew!

The Sixers have serious problems with injuries to their rookies. Jahlil Okafor missed a decent amount of time his rookie year and his name doesn’t even come up when discussing recent Sixers rookies who missed time with injuries.

Ben Simmons missed all of his rookie season. So did Nerlens Noel. Joel Embiid? Missed all of his first two seasons.

So please pardon Sixers fans for being a little testy. We’ve been waiting some five years to see this process play out and patience is wearing thin.

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