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Lonzo sucks a fat one in debut

Let’s be clear, it’s NBA Summer League. Most are rusty and probably a bit nervous, so let’s not look too much into a rookie’s debut.

However, this is Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and his dad has been popping off at the mouth about him for awhile now. So yeah, the microscope is a bit more intense.

On Friday night, Ball was an unmitigated disaster against the Los Angeles Clippers. He went 2-for-15 and looked bad in the process if you can imagine that. I mean, one would assume you look bad with that shooting line, but he was even worse.

You can watch it here.

It’s beyond early. I’m not saying the kid is a bust. He could be a superstar. But, for all the crap talking his dad has done, I think there will be plenty of schadenfreude from fans and media alike.

Magic Johnson didn’t seem thrilled.

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