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Carmelo eager to ruin Rockets

Big news in the NBA today. The Los Angeles Clippers sent Chris Paul packing to the Houston Rockets for a bunch of guys whom you may or may not care about. The Rockets just got a lot closer to the super team Golden State Warriors in the West.

Now, New York Knick and guy you can’t build around, Carmelo Anthony, wants to join the fun.

“Stephen A says Melo wants to be bought out to join CP3 and Harden in Houston. #Knicks  #NBA,” tweets Brian Fonseca.

Oh, puh-leaaase! Carmelo Anthony has never done anything in the NBA other than command a ton of money, score a lot of points and then lose if his team got to the playoffs. If “winner” is written on this guy, it’s in a four-point font on a place his bathing suit would normally cover and it’s in reference to his time at Syracuse.

He would have to beg and promise to be a third or fourth option and take way less money.

Paul and James Harden could be a great foundation. While I’m sure the Knicks would love to get rid of him, I have no idea why the Rockets would be interested.

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