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Iguodala leaving the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors just won yet another NBA title after finishing off the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games. It’s nobody’s fault, the Warriors are just stacked to bejesus and back. Andre Iguodala used to be the “star” on the Philadelphia 76ers, but for the Warriors he’s like their fifth or sixth best player.

That’s not to say he’s not important. As the sixth man in 2015, he won the MVP for the NBA Finals. He’s an incredible wing defender, high character guy and can provide scoring pop off of the bench.

But, he’s a free agent this year and as you can imagine, the Warriors have a lot of mouths to feed. Shams Charania of The Vertical reports that Iguodala could very well exit the Warriors if he thinks another team has a path to a championship. That would have to be one hell of a path if he’s planning on leaving Golden State.

But, that said, who cares? They are estimating that Iggie could get $20 million per year on the open market, with teams like the Bulls, T-Wolves, Clippers and Hawks expected to be interested. He’s already got two rings, this is your livelihood, go get paid. Sure, winning is nice, but so are $9 million raises.

Iggie could very well leave the Warriors and they could still win without him.

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