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Floyd violates house arrest terms…uh oh

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd is kind of fortunate to even be in the NFL right now. Yes, he has some talent, but he got arrested last year for a super extreme DUI after being found passed out behind the wheel of his car. He was facing 180 days in jail.

He could be re-facing 180 days in jail now. According to TMZ, Floyd has tested positive for alcohol, which is forbidden in his terms of house arrest.

Floyd is blaming the positive test on Kombucha, a tea that contains a very low amount of alcohol…like less than non-alcoholic beer. However, his BAC was .044 and .055 on the tests and that would probably be difficult to do on just Kombucha. He also completely skipped a breath test that was scheduled and you may or may not know that authorities don’t appreciate that.

This could be a very big problem for the Vikings receiver. If they find that he violated the terms of his house arrest he could be subjected to jail time. And I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s incredibly difficult to play football in jail. Unless, you know, you’re talking about stuff in the yard, but that doesn’t pay as well as the NFL.

We’ll have to see how the Vikings react to this. He could just get released.

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