Off the Record (OTR)

Ball won’t work out for the Celtics

Many people assume that Markelle Fultz is going to go first overall to the Boston Celtics in the upcoming NBA Draft. And it very well could happen.

UCLA’s Lonzo Ball seems pretty certain of that, or he’s just being annoying and trying to tell the world he’ll only play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Because it sounds like he told the Celtics that he won’t workout for them. You have to be kidding me.

“According to Danny Ainge on our show this morning, Lonzo Ball informed the Celtics that he will not be working out for them. #Celtics,” tweets Toucher and Rich (who?).

This sounds like his dad, Lavar Ball, is involved. Whenever there is a problem with Lonzo Ball, it’s usually Lavar-related.

This is incredibly stupid in my opinion. I’m not sure how good he’s going to be, but it sounds like whoever drafts him is in for a colossal headache. He better be incredible to be worth it.

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