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How New Technologies Take Fans Away from the Stands?

Regular games and NBA playoffs in the season 2016/17 will be broadcast through virtual reality glasses. In addition, the owners of Twitter reported the purchase of the rights to broadcast a number of major sport competitions. So how can technology make the stadiums empty and what to do with that?

Last year, the debut game of the National Basketball Association season could be watched for the first time with the help of virtual reality glasses. In this season, holders of VR-devices can enjoy American basketball using their gadgets each week. As reported by Engadget, while broadcasts are available only in the format of 180, part of the content will be made with the full review possibility.

Therefore, the owners of rights to broadcast sports competitions are actively looking for a new audience to watch the games and bet on them in online casino nz; since this year, the matches of the National Football League (NFL) – the US championship in American football – are broadcasted on Twitter for free on Thursdays. Although the league has received relatively less money for selling the rights, the logic of this step is quite understandable: in addition to a foreign audience (79% of accounts are registered outside the US), NFL will get users of social networks who can watch football and communicate on the same site.

Twitter tested the new features in July, when it broadcast the matches of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. In addition, the social network will show the National Hockey League (NHL), the American Baseball League (MLB), and key student sports matches. Trying to keep up, Facebook organized a broadcast of the match in honor of Wayne Rooney between the clubs Manchester United and Everton.

Right now, you can watch sports competitions on TV, computers, tablets, smartphones, using Apple TV, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, virtual reality glasses, and social networking icons on phones. In the future, the number of matches shown will increase; the quality of the picture will improve, and the leagues will adapt their broadcasts to new devices.

Not surprisingly, due to the technology development, the largest American championships have already faced the problem of attendance. Watching matches at home is more comfortable: you do not have to worry about the weather, the time for the road to the stadium and the uncomfortable seat, while you can scroll through the replay or turn on the parallel match on the other screen. In addition, it is simply cheaper.

According to Samford University, from 2011 to 2014, the total attendance of NFL matches fell by more than two million. And this happened before social media broadcasts and the widespread adoption of VR technologies, which will bring match viewing to a new level. And how many people will prefer a limited review from a place in the stadium panoramic video from the camera, which is installed, for example, on the head of an arbitrator? To keep spectators, the organizers of the competitions use the carrot and stick method.

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