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Goff picking up offense quickly

If you got a chance to see 2016 No. 1-overall pick Jared Goff last year for the Los Angeles Rams, you probably didn’t like what you saw. He didn’t look like a lock to be a stud.

Between a lame duck coaching staff and a miserable offensive line, maybe he was destined to suck.

New offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur says Goff is actually picking up the new system “surprisingly fast.”

“He wants to be great,” LaFleur said. “He’s doing everything
that we’ve asked him to do, and then some. He’s working hard every day. I think he’s getting better every day.”

It’s early, but from what I saw last year, Goff has a lot of improving to do. He better get better or the Rams wasted quite a few resources on him.

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