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Browns would welcome Gordon back

You may or may not have noticed recently that Cleveland Browns suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon was denied reinstatement by the NFL. I’m not exactly sure why, all the reports were that he was turning his life around and preparing for return to the NFL.

Did he fail another drug test? If the denial was for a pot-related reason and not something like DUI or Codeine, then this is totally stupid. You’re banned if you smoke weed, but not if you beat women. If you punch a woman on video, you get drafted in the second round.

Gordon can apply for reinstatement again in the fall. And the good news (or bad news depending on how you view the Browns), is that the Browns are reportedly willing to take him back.

Mike Garafolo tweeted a video of him reporting just that.

“From earlier, on the Browns’ plans for Josh Gordon and the perception they’ve flip-flopped recently,” Garafolo said to introduce the video.

At the owners meetings, Browns executive Sashi Brown indicated just that.

“Listen, assuming he would play at the level we started to see glimpses of last preseason and certainly in the league before, [Gordon] would be a talent I think no team in the NFL would turn down if he got back in. Our decision with Josh is just understanding where he is in this process and being able to have him,” Brown said.

We’ll see what happens. So far it’s not going well for Gordon.

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