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DGB not making Eagles roster?

The Philadelphia Eagles were absolutely dreadful at the wide receiver. They basically had one guy who could walk and chew gum and that was Jordan Matthews. Even then, his drops and inability to keep his feet in bounds on the sidelines were maddening.

They traded Dennis Kelly for Dorial Green-Beckham last offseason and a lot of Eagles fans got excited. But, the Tennessee Titans didn’t dump a high second-round pick from a previous year for a backup offensive linemen because DGB was so awesome.

And watching DGB last season, it’s understandable why the Titans moved on. It’s not that he can’t play. He can. He could be dominant if he wanted to be. But, it’s that last phrase “if he wanted to be” that is so important. He’s big and fast and plays like…he’s upset that he caught the ball and now has to run.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer is as plugged in to the Birds as anyone, and he wrote today that “it’s difficult to see” Green-Beckham making the team this year.

The Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith in free agency. They drafted two other receivers, and DGB is essentially competing for a spot with Nelson Agholor (expensive to cut him) and Paul Turner (surprising productive).

DGB needs to decide how badly he wants to be in the NFL and how hard he wants to work to stay there.

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