Off the Record (OTR)

The Blind Spot

Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher has found himself in a bit of hot water recently. On April 14, Oher was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting an Uber driver.

Apparently, Oher and four friends were going to a restaurant in Nashville and asked their Uber dude to follow another car. Mr. Uber guy didn’t think that other car knew the best route and suggested they take the lead. Oher thought he was gaming for more money.

They stopped on the way there for a bathroom break, and the driver got out to let the passengers out. When he let Oher out, Oher confronted him. What the driver did next doesn’t make any sense.

“The victim then put his hands up towards the suspect’s face and the suspect pushed the victim down onto the ground,” according to the citation.

Why would you raise your hand(s) to the face of someone the size of Oher? Sounds like he deserved to get shoved.

It’s only a misdemeanor so I doubt he gets disciplined by the NFL.

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