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Bills fire Doug Whaley

This is hardly shocking news. It’s been an open secret in the NFL now for a while that the Buffalo Bills were going to clean house in scouting department at some point, starting with general manager Doug Whaley.

And, is often is the case in the NFL, the moves were made right after the NFL Draft. The Bills on Sunday dropped the hammer on Whaley, according to Albert Breer.

“The Bills have fired general manager Doug Whaley. Writing had been on the wall for a while,” Breer tweets.

Head coach Sean McDermott is clearly calling the shots in Buffalo now and Whaley lost the power struggle. But, he probably should have, the Bills just tend to do nothing year after year. They never found a quarterback after Jim Kelly (certainly not all Whaley’s fault) and you just can’t win without a quarterback.

“We have enjoyed working with Doug,” said owner Terry Pegula in a statement. “We want to thank him for his work and commitment to our football team. It was not an easy decision but I believe it’s the right one for the future of the Buffalo Bills.”

Will any of this matter if they are going back into another season with Tyrod Taylor who is good but not great? Doubt it.

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