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Jones doesn’t believe Gregory failed drug test

The Dallas Cowboys took a calculated risk in the 2015 NFL Draft when they spent a second-round pick on Nebraska DE Randy Gregory. Many thought he was a high first-round pick, but he had off-field issues.

Big time. Gregory was suspended for the entire 2017 season in January following a failed drug test.

Then we hear news Saturday morning that Gregory failed his seventh NFL drug test. SEVENTH.

The reports also include details about those close to Gregory being worried about his well being. Some don’t think he cares about football anymore. And the TMZ report also says he’s been blowing off NFL officials. Yeah, that’s a bad idea.

However, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t buying the report, saying he’s “skeptical.”

“That’s just not right,” Jones said. “He is getting a lot of support. He is not void in any way. He’s got in my mind a better method of support than he had most of last year. I’m very comfortable with his support and we are trying to stay in communication with him.”

We’ll find out more soon. If he really failed another drug test his career could be over.

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